Role of kanaka lepa as shoolaprashamana (pain releiver) in sandhigatavata –a case study

Kulkarni Rajan B and Pawar Priyanka S

In life sciences, all the aspects of health of human being are clearly mentioned. Due to changes in day-to-day lifestyle, the superiority of human health is falling. Dreadful changes in life style have lead to disorders like obesity, diabetes, arthritis etc. Among these Osteoarthritis is observed commonly in large population. Along with old age, it is also prevalent in young generation. It is a disease of degeneration that means harmful degeneration initiate in early age group, which hamper quality of life.
If we look for remedies, we find that most of the people are consuming analgesics to continue their routine but ultimately they are affecting other body systems of themselves. Hence the required thing is, there should be such a remedy which will give relief to patient as well as it will not hamper his/her body functions silently. And Ayurveda plays a vital role in it. It serves as prevention as well as treatment in articular disorder. According to Ayurveda, it is considered under the title of Vatvyadhi which is mainly because of Vatvrudhhi due to Dhatukshaya or Margavarodha. This hampers the daily activities carried out by Vata like walking, dressing, bathing etc.
Vata dosha alone is responsible for all types of pains and hence it is inevitable in articular disorders. Patient come with complaints of Kriyakashtata (Painful and restricted movements), Shoola (pain), Sandhishoth (Inflammation of joint) etc.
Here we are presenting a case study of Sandhigata vata treated with Kanaka Lepa to evaluate its Shoolaghna property.

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