Role of hapushadi yapan basti in aamvata- a case study

Kulkarni R. B and Goyal Anuradha P

Aama is defined as ajeerna/ apakwaahar rasa due to agnidourbalya. This Aama goes in to circulation in immature and unprocessed form and is made available to all the tissues and organs of the body. Since it is immature, the tissues can take it but cannot metabolize it. They are therefore stored in the cells and are neither digested nor flushed out. This aama along with vitiated vata forms a disease complex rightly described as aamvata. Treatment with principles of Langhana-Paachan-Anulomana-Shodhankarma-Basti helps in aampachana- vatanulomana- expulsion of doshas- and vatashamana respectively. Treatment with Hapushadiyaapanbasti, described by AcharyaCharaka in siddhisthana, prepared according to the principle of ksheerpakakalpana, aids in aampachana and vatashamana, resulting in considerable relief from symptoms of aamvata.

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