A review on the indian species of anguinidae (nematoda)

Debanand Das, Rimi Deuri, Th. Sunita Devi and Harish K. Bajaj

Plant parasitic nematodes belonging to the family Anguinidae are either fungal feeder or feed on the aerial parts of the plants, exception being Subanguina radicicola. This group created the history in the Nematology being Anguina tritici the first ever recorded plant parasitic nematode, which causes seed gall disease on wheat. Another genus under this family, Ditylenchus is of great economic importance. From India, forty species of Anguinidae has been reported, of which 34 species belongs to the genus Ditylenchus, 3 of Subanguina, 2 of Anguina and 1 of Indoditylenchus. A proper identification needs comparison of all the morphometric characters, which generally remains scattered in different journals, and becomes inaccessible many a time. Moreover, the genera under this group have been synonymised with other by many workers. Therefore, attempts have been made to review this family and to collect all the information on Indian species of Anguinidae and to prepare this compendium for the researchers.

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