Railway track monitoring using rf modem

Pravin Dhobale, Ruchika Welghandhwar , Rupali Dhadve, Sanyukta Wankhade, Shweta Konpratiwar, Vaishnavi Nandurkar and Kajal Dhengre

This paper investigates project of Railway track monitoring system using RF modem and Op-amp as a Comparator. This project consist of RF modem, Microcontroller, Comparator as current sensor, Project Window on VB 6.0for application of communication purpose, crack detection and approximate position indication of crack at control room PC respectively .The VB 6.0 and RF modem help us to find and send railway geometric parameter of crack detection to nearest railway station. In the present days, we are using the IR-LDR, IR-Photo diode, ultrasonic sensor, microwave antenna, Electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) for crack detection with less accuracy, high cost, which require man power to operate it, but we use the low cost sensor of current for above procedure with high accuracy to reduce man power. Project is applicable both during day and night time detection purpose.

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