Phytochemical analysis and mineral composition of annona muricata leaves

Usunobun Usunomena and Okolie N. Paulinus

Many local vegetable materials are under-exploited because of inadequate scientific knowledge of their nutritional potentials. For this reason, the phytochemicals and mineral composition of the leaves of Annona muricata obtained from Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria were investigated. The mineral analysis was done using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric analysis method while phytochemical screening was determined using standard methods. The result of the phytochemical analysis shows the following: saponins (3.50%), alkaloids (1.20%), flavonoids (9.67%), tannins (0.18%), beta-carotene (6.60mg/100g), ascorbic acid (38.16mg/100g) and reducing sugars (48.33%) The result also shows that the mineral concentrations are as follow: potassium (363.05mg/kg), calcium (11183.50mg/kg), sodium (694.86mg/kg), magnesium (9619mg/kg), iron (139.50mg/kg), zinc (8.34mg/kg), manganese (8.25mg/kg), chromium, (3.75mg/kg), copper, (14.25mg/kg), cadmium (5.49mg/kg). The results obtained from the analysis shows that the leaves of Annona muricata are medicinal and could be good source of drugs for anemia because of the high contents of iron and calcium.

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