Migration, migrants and marginality

Sougaijam Priyokumar Meitei and Arunkumar M.C

Migrated people in a new society having a distinctive culture are liminal people whose identity is ambivalent and hazy. The present paper attempts to understand the situation of migration and the status of the migrants in Manipur, one of the north-eastern states of India vis-a-vis the migrant’s cultural adaptation. The Teli, Bengoli and Nepali community who migrated during the British colonial expansion into Manipur have been studied in this paper and explore their sense of inclusion to Manipuri society. The earlier arrivals including successive generations, though adapted, not assimilated but integrated through social-cultural involvement. Sense of deep-rooted in own tradition as well as activeness towards the new host society are observed to make places. Involvement of the migrants in various socio-cultural and political groups in order to familiarise the host culture is found significant in Manipur.

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