Inability of using communicative strategies among sudanese efl learners

Mustafa Ahmed Al-Gak and Alsadig Osman Mohammed

This paper is based on a PhD Program which was carried out at Sudan University of Science and Technology. It is felt that Sudanese EFL undergraduate Students drastically lack awareness of communication strategies as essential tools for problem solving. The teaching of the strategies was not rigorously introduced before this program was conducted. This study investigated the relationship between communication strategies use and foreign language (L2) oral production. Hundred participants were assigned to a control and experiment group. Their oral fluency was assessed by means of an oral test in which they were asked to talk about a personal experience. Speech production was elicited in three different sessions. Data analysis revealed that the relationship between communication strategies use and L2 oral fluency, as measured by speech rate, is not statistically significant in any of the two groups’ proficiency levels.

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