Awareness among crri against blood borne pathogens

Anitha M., Ramya K., Mathivathani P., Monisha DM., Silvia Antony Raj and Pratikshia K

Objectives: This study is aimed to provide awareness about the occupational exposure to blood borne pathogens (BBPs) and arousal of serious risk to physicians including House surgeons.

Methodology: A total of 125 interns were participated in this study. We have examined the occupational exposure to BBP on knowledge, behaviour, and incidence of medical sharp injuries among CRRI (Compulsory Rotatory Residential Intern) in SSSMC & RI through a self administered questionnaire form.

Result: Out of 125 house surgeon, the overall compliance to HBV vaccine of 68% were observed, from which male 40% and female 28%, among them 20 % of male and 14% of female completed their booster dose, while 10% of male and 13% of female were non vaccinated.

Conclusion: Hence in our study, we have recommended the healthcare workers particularly the CRRIs to be immunized and which is the most effective way to prevent the transmission of HBV and should be aware of collecting body fluids from HIV, HB, HCV infected patients. Students are at high risk for NSIs and BBPs exposure, so they need a targeted education about protection strategies for blood-borne infection.

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